As a lifetime musician and guitar player, music has taken me many places since first picking up a guitar at age 8.

I attended the University of Miami and earned a Bachelor of Music in Studio Music and Jazz. There, I met and played with some of the most talented players and singers in the world. Miami kept me for some time after graduation but eventually Nashville called my name.

I’m grateful that I’ve gotten to do a lot of really fun things because of music. I’ve worked with some amazing artists like Nicole C. Mullen, Chayanne, Little Big Town, Ginny Owens, Travis Cottrell, Chance Scoggins, Gersh, Nathan and Christy Nockels, Jaci Velasquez, and others. I’ve gotten to experience and be a part of leading worship for Beth Moore, Joyce Meyer, and Billy and Franklin Graham. It’s taken me all over the world and I’ve gotten to see people, places, and things I never would have otherwise.

Some of my favorite musical moments have come from my work as a producer and studio guitarist for all kinds of independent artists. I love collaborating with someone else’s vision and adding whatever I can to make it just right. If you are interested in working together, let’s talk.


Here is a clip from Mark and Brynn Gersmehl’s project, Soulbreather, on which I played electric guitar.

I was also grateful to work with Gersh on the Christmas musical Awaiting Emmanuel. Pretty much, whenever Gersh calls, I say yes. His talent and heart and creativity are unmatched (This song also features Theresa Mazza on vocals).

Beth Champion Mason is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter/producer. We have worked together for a number of years on different projects. She and I share a passion for recovery ministry and Celebrate Recovery services. I have done production, mixing, and various instruments on her projects. Here is a song from her latest album.