Preparations for Easter have kept me from posting lately- I’m sure many of you know just what I mean. Writing charts, scheduling rehearsals, figuring out how to translate a ropes course to a set design and trying to convince our pastor to let us put a zip line inside the church. So far I’ve gotten about 15 “NO!” answers, but I’m not giving up yet. Your basic Easter prep.

I’ve been reading a great new book called the Worship Smartbook by Anthony Skinner. Anthony is a friend of mine, an incredibly creative recording artist/writer, and a gifted worship leader. His book advertises itself to be full of “actionable tips for real world worship” and, even though I’m only about halfway through its pages, it’s proven to be exactly that. I’ve shared a few of the chapters with members of our worship ministry and found the tips to be applicable both to new and seasoned worship leaders.

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